Q: What is MTF?

Memphis Technology Foundation. An organization founded by #memtech community leaders to facilitate technology events in Memphis

Q: What is #memtech?

A community of technology minded people who gather to discuss, share, and learn about technology in Memphis, TN

Q: What is the difference between MTF and #memtech?

When referring to the community at large, you are referring to #memtech. MTF exists to facilitate the needs of the #memtech community in an official capacity. When a user group would like to do something that would otherwise require them to form their own legal organization, MTF exists to help them do those things.

Q: Who runs / operates / is Memphis Technology Foundation?

#memtech community leaders. You can view our board members.

Q: Are you a non-profit?

Yes, Memphis Technology Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Q: Are donations to Memphis Technology Foundation tax deductible?

Yes, please contact board@memphistechnology.org for more information.

Q: Do you post board meeting notes?

Yes, check out our meeting notes

Q: Are board meetings open to the public?

Yes, unless we have a specific need to have a closed board meeting. So far we have always had open board meetings, watch our twitter for notifications.

Q: How can I contribute to MTF?

What would you like to contribute? Drop us an email or join our discussion list. We are an open organization and would love to hear your feedback on what we are doing right, and what we could do better.

Q: I'd like to help with the website! How can I get started?

The code for this site is available on our GitHub organization. Please submit a PR or issue for any new information you'd like to see addressed.