HACKmemphis Tickets on sale Aug 15

  • Joe

The first round of HACKmemphis 2014 Tickets will go on sale this Friday, August 15th. Tickets will be $5 and the event is expected to sell out again this year.

HACKmemphis 2014 will be September 19-21 hosted by CoworkMemphis

HACKmemphis is an organization that hosts a weekend hackathon event. They encourage developers and designers of any background (or technology) to come together to work on whatever projects interest them.

HACKmemphis is a free form weekend of hacking on software and hardware projects. Last year there were over 50 participants over the course of the 2 day event.

This year they're starting earlier, on Friday September 19th and will continue throughout Saturday and into Sunday morning where there will do a brief demo of the projects worked on over the weekend.

More info: HACKmemphis.com