Announcing Super User Group Speakers

  • Joe

What: Super User Group Meetup

Where: Cowork Memphis

When: April 14th 6:30PM


Go: Batteries Included

Mike Cochran

A quick look at Go, showing off some of the syntax and basics.

Introduction to Swift

David Mohundro Swift is a brand new language from Apple that has features such as generics, functional language support, type inference, object oriented, mutable and immutable types, etc. We'll take a quick look at some basic syntax to help you get started.

Github Pages

Daniel Lissner

A quick overview of github pages, how to set one up (personal, project, and organization), using markdown and automatic generator. If time permits, a quick demonstration of using a static site generator to manage a blog-aware site.

Keeping Up With All The Things: Advance Your Skills Without Going Insane

Eric Terpstra

There will always be an ever-increasing number of tools and techniques for IT professionals to learn and master. Trying to keep up with all the new languages, frameworks, servers, software, and internet trends in general is an anxiety inducing mess. As technologists, our jobs are to build innovative solutions. Our tools are just how we get there. So focus on being a communicator, problem solver, and lifelong learner rather than an expert in the next framework/software/server du-jour.

Kafka and Samza: Systems Integration and Stream Processing at Scale

Kevin Nuckolls

Kafka was invented at LinkedIn and has been described as the circulatory system for data within their company. It is a hardened piece of machinery that is meant to simplify the integration points between increasingly complex distributed systems. Based upon the primitives that Kafka provides, Samza is an emerging tool for performing stream processing of arbitrary data streams. I'll be talking through why our team's has embarked upon a large refactor towards adoption of these tools and hopefully leave you with a useful mental model for working with streams of data within your system.

Microsoft: It’s Not Just for Windows Anymore

Douglas Starnes

Historically, Microsoft has been stereotyped as a closed company, focused on locking customers into the Windows platform. Fast forward to today and we see that #ThisIsANewMicrosoft. Recently the company has been opening up its own .NET platform as well as embracing non-Microsoft platforms. And it didn’t start yesterday, the roots have been planted for many years. This presentation will look at the exciting new projects Microsoft is working on as well as some that already exist and how developers across platforms and languages can take advantage of them.