StartCo 48 Hour Tech Launch

  • Joe Ferguson

48 Hour Tech Launch

During 48 Hour Launch entrepreneurs, students, and professionals converge to transform big tech ideas into solid business models, and build the companies of tomorrow.

Have an innovative technology idea and an entrepreneurial streak? You have two minutes on Friday night to pitch your concept and inspire the crowd. The most popular ideas will be selected and teams will form around them to work on them over the course of the weekend.

More interested in applying your skills toward a goal that fuels economic development and elevates creative talent? Then vote for your favorite pitch, join a team and dive into development. Just like Fortune 500 organizations, these startups need marketers, lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, developers, and UX specialists. In short, they need you. We’ll also have a live pitch competition Saturday afternoon for those whose pitches weren’t selected on Friday if they want to receive tips on how to improve their pitches!

On Sunday afternoon each team will present its tech business to the Memphis community and a panel of judges.

More info: 48 Hour Tech Launch