Memphis Web Workers and the DIY Web

  • Joe Ferguson

This past Tuesday Bryan Robinson led a fantastic installment to the Memphis Webworkers meetup named "The DIY Web". Bryan showed off how he manages his content and publishing workflow via Netlify, FaunaDB, and the 11ty Static Site generator. This bundling of Javascript, APIs, and Markup is what makes up the JAM Stack. The idea behind the DIY web is that you are in full control of your workflow and content and can move it to different hosts or platforms as you wish, thus not coupling your website to any particular host or platform. You can easily leverage the ever-growing amount of services out there such as Netlify or you can host everything yourself.

If you're interested in learning more about the JAM stack, check out Bryan's excellent podcast That's My JAM Stack

Another topic that came up during the fantastic discussion around the DIY web was, a project which is "... a people-focused alternative to the "corporate web"." Indieweb is interesting to me because it's focused on the idea content creators own their content without the worry of a company going out of business and their site going down. Simply put: why should a company which hosts blogs maintain control over what is displayed along with your content on their site. Indieweb empowers creators to own their content and identity.

Join us in Slack and join the #memphiswebworkers channel if you're interested in learning more about the DIY web or the JAM stack!