HACKmemphis joins Memphis Technology Foundation

  • Joe Ferguson

The Memphis Technology Foundation and HACKmemphis have filed required state documents to close the official HACKmemphis organization and transfer assets to Memphis Technology Foundation. This means that while HM is no longer its own organization it's now being supported by MTF, and we've invited the HM board, and those involved to remain as involved as they'd like to be.

This isn't the end of HACKmemphis, all of this effort has been done to ensure Memphis will see another HACKmemphis event. Will that be in 2021? We're not sure. Thanks to everyone who's been involved in making HACKmemphis happen: the board, the volunteers, the attendees, and the sponsors. HACKmemphis is a team effort we're excited about.

If you're missing the community please join us in slack