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MTF Potential Goals Discussion Notes

  • Create resources for user groups

    • Mentorship

    • Content

    • Location - Currently available venues

    • Sponsorship

  • Bring attention to the local tech community

    • Through established user groups

    • Updating post-secondary institutions with current happenings

    • "street team" - put out flyers, newsletters, etc to local places

    • Update secondary-education institutions with user group info/schedules

  • newsletter - short recap of recent happenings, information on upcoming things, etc.

    • I believe Emma and MailChimp offer non-profit discounts


  • Event Resources

    • Logistics

    • Planning

    • Sponsorship

    • Location

    • Volunteers

  • Outreach - initiatives to educate and bring in ‘newcomers’.. educational workshops, etc.

  • consolidation - facilitate consolidation of overlapping needs, resources, etc among various entities as appropriate


  • Location for presentation and hanging out. Maybe with spaces for groups like the Makers?